Monday, April 25, 2011

Kitchen Remodeling Supply Stores

If you are starting a new kitchen renovation, special kitchen remodeling supply stores are a great resource for your project and they have a wealth of ideas to help you plan your new kitchen. Often, the big home remodeling centers don’t carry the hard to find or unique items you are looking for, such as those perfect cabinet knobs or beautiful backsplash tiles.

Also, a kitchen remodeling supply store will carry all the tools necessary to complete any job. Whether it’s a drill with special bits to mount those new cabinets or wood shims to level up those little uneven spots, you can find it at a kitchen remodeling supply store; and a good supply store will sell all of these materials at reasonable prices as opposed to the high markup set by some so called specialty stores.

Kitchen remodeling supply stores can usually be a great place to get ideas if you’re just in the planning stages of your own kitchen makeover project. You can get free handouts, such as design sheets, color chips and beautiful full color brochures. And, they can be a source for a wealth of free advice.

When you’re ready, a kitchen remodeling supply store will help you design your kitchen layout. They are just as happy to help you with a simple update as a complete remodeling job. They will work with you, using special kitchen designer software and supply you with printouts of plans for your new kitchen. Many places will also provide you with a guaranteed locked-in price for a specified time so you can be rest assured that you won’t be hit with a price increase right in the middle of your project.

Something A Little Different

When looking for unique designer quality cabinets, a kitchen remodeling supply store is most likely the place to find something a little different. You will find jewel toned finishes in cabinets as well as matching or contrasting countertops and flooring.

Most kitchen remodeling supply stores have contact with the best local contractors, cabinet makers, plumbers and other professionals you might need to help you with your kitchen project and they can also refer you to other suppliers if you need something that they don’t carry. It’s definitely a good idea to be on a first name basis with your local kitchen remodeling supply store. When it comes to your new kitchen, they are the folks in the know!

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