Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to do Kitchen Remodeling On A budget

When it comes to any home remodeling project, it is important make sure that your spending doesn't get out of control. But what if you’re doing a kitchen remodeling on a budget? When money is tight, there are a number of things you can do to cut cost and stay within your budget.

Once you've established your budget, it’s a good idea to do some comparison shopping.  Discount home improvement centers can help you save substantial amounts of money as can buying on sale or choosing close out items.

One way to save money when doing a kitchen remodeling on a budget is to not replace the old cabinets, but refinish the existing ones. Your kitchen cabinets can take on a whole new look by adding a coat of paint both inside and out.

In fact, painting is the most affordable and easiest way to give the entire kitchen a fresh makeover. If you’re remodeling a kitchen on a budget, spend the money on some new hardware and molding and paint or stain it to compliment your new paint job. Or, you might try removing the panels in the cabinet doors and replacing them with glass inserts.  Using a frosted or stained glass will help hide any cluttered shelves.

If painting is not an option, re-facing your old cabinets might be the answer.  If you’re happy with the current layout and the cabinets are structurally sound, re-facing them can be an affordable way to give your entire kitchen a new look. There are many companies that specialize in cabinet re-facing and they’re as close as your local yellow pages.

Simple Tricks To Save A Lot

Laminate countertops are much less expensive than tile or granite. You can add touches of more expensive wood or tile trims. Go with neutral colors as these are not only easier to match but are less expensive than custom colors and will remain in style much longer.

Also, stick with existing appliances, if possible, when doing a kitchen remodeling on a budget.  This can save thousands of dollars. If you do need new appliances, look for those that are energy efficient, as this will save on utility bills. By keeping appliances and electrical outlets and fixtures in place, it can save time and as well as the expense of an electrician.

New flooring can give your kitchen a quick and easy face lift. There are many choices available for even a tight budget, from seamless vinyl flooring sold by the yard to wood laminates. You can use inexpensive self-stick vinyl tiles that come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. They are durable and usually require easy, no-wax maintenance.

Keep existing windows in place. New windows and the reworking of walls to replace them can take a major chunk of your budget. Instead, add new moldings and window treatments such as valances and blinds or shutters.

A dream kitchen doesn’t have to be beyond your reach. By careful planning, wise shopping and doing much of the work yourself remodeling a kitchen on a budget can make your dream come true.

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