Friday, November 9, 2012

Basic Garage Remodeling To Give Your Garage Back To Your Car

Traditionally, a garage was an important addition to the house that provided shelter for the family’s automobile.  However, it seems that the average garage is now the delegated storage area. This means that the garage is the area of choice for storing lawn equipment, the children’s toys, seasonal items and spare pieces of furniture.

You have decided to take back the garage and transform it back into its intended purpose.  This will be done through your commitment towards garage remodeling.  As part of your garage remodeling makeover you have decided to not only use the garage for its intended purpose of housing your vehicle, but also to organize the garage as a storage area.

Starting With The Garage Floor

A vehicle, next to your home, is probably the second most expensive purchase that can be made by families.  It therefore stands to reason that you would want to protect your automobile from the elements.  These elements that you wish to protect your car from include hail storms, the sun, vandalism, etc. 

Therefore, the first important step in garage remodeling is to empty out the garage completely of its contents.  This will not only give you a good idea of how to rearrange the garage, but also will give you an opportunity to sort out items that you wish to keep, giveaway, or put into a yard sale.

As part of your garage remodeling process you may wish to give attention to the garage floor.  Generally, these floors are made from concrete and often detract from the appearance of the garage due to various stains.  These stains can be from motor oil, antifreeze, water damage, etc.  There are a number of methods that can be utilized to give attention to the garage floor.  One of these methods can be the application of paint to the garage floor.   Remember, the paint utilized should be a special type of paint that is formulated to be applied on the concrete.

Another method of sprucing up a garage floor is through the use of a durable garage flooring product.  Generally this product is made from polyvinyl and can be rolled out and applied.  The added value of applying this product is that any cracks or stains can be easily covered through the use of this product.  In addition, the material utilized to cover up the garage floor is resistant to the spills often associated with the storage of a vehicle.  It is strongly suggested that if utilizing this method of refinishing the garage floor that professional installers be contracted with.

Organizing Your Garage

Another garage remodeling strategy is to organize those items that will be stored in the garage.  This garage remodeling strategy can be accomplished by installing shelving, storage boards, cabinets and the use of plastic bins.

For example seasonal clothing can be placed in plastic bins, marked on the outside as to what is contained within and then stored on shelves that may be built utilizing the upper portion of the garage’s interior.  Or sturdy metal cabinets can be built and secured firmly to the wall out of the garage.  One shelf or cabinet can be specifically set aside for lawn maintenance or utilized for products that help to maintain the vehicle.

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