Friday, May 27, 2011

Attic Remodeling Ideas

Here are some attic remodeling ideas and suggestions that will increase the overall value of your property.

Making the most of your property implies using every single space available to its fullest and that includes the attic. Many people use the attic as a storage room and people hardly ever spend time in there. The fact is, however, the attic can, with a little work, become one of the most fascinating and welcoming rooms in the whole house.

Make The Most Of The Attic’s Location

One of the most common attic remodeling ideas is to use it as a den and that is wonderful as, usually, the attics are made of wood so they are warm and rich, as well as cozy. While converting your attic to a den is a great idea, you will have to stop and think if you are making the most of its location.

Attics are placed at the top most point of the house and therefore they have the best possible view of the sky and sunlight. A great attic remodeling idea is to turn it into a dome where you can observe and study the stars and planets at night with the help of a telescope.

Another attic remodeling idea with regard to its location is to turn your attic into a green house because you will have direct access to the sunlight during winter if you convert the roof to glass.

Other Attic Remodeling Ideas

The attic is a great place to have a laboratory if you are into science or you are a creative artist that paints, makes jewelry, pottery, stitching or anything else. The fact is that the attic can be transformed to any type of room you desire, depending on its size; it has natural sunlight available, which is always one of the best natural boosts that you may need to start a day.

You can have a home office placed in your attic and that will allow you to have a professional working space away from the interruptions that may distract you in the house or it can be your writing studio where you can spend hours on end to find your inspiration and ideas.

Helpful Tip

In order to make your attic remodeling idea provide the best results, try and get some professional advice with regard to insulating the roof as it will attract the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter which will give you the extremes of both seasons.


  1. You could always toss in some solar panels into the design. That way you can cut some of the cost to the home owner, or yourself if you're building it for yourself.

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